Couch Potato Meditation?


Couch Potato Meditation? / An AV3X Review by Jeff Labno


For more than two decades, I’ve been checking out the features of mind machines with the mindset of what is a good machine that the public like. I can remember days that I experienced “near migraines” comparing all the different machines out there attempting to help the public make better choices of which machine to buy. Reading the sales brochures, each machine sounds better than all the others.

Just the other day, Michael Landgraf showed up for dinner with his lovely wife Carol. He showed me a very new technology spearheaded by Christopher Oliver. I don’t see something truly new and unique very often. I was very impressed, inspired, and deeply moved by this “breaking technology”.

Michael first put the TV glasses over my eyes, then he started the DVD disc program with the “mind altering” programs on it. Fluid fractal images appeared amongst a background of color illumination which strobed at particular brainwave frequencies. The fractals were intensely vivid and moved as if alive, almost like looking into innerspace under a microscope at living organisms dancing to the pulse of life itself.

The sounds coming through the headphones emphasized the brain state by pulsing sounds adding to the drama of the fractal dance. The sounds were engaging, it seemed like a soundtrack to an outer space movie adventure.

In just ten minutes, I felt like I just came back from a vacation. The totally engaging visuals along with the soundtrack took me on a true innerspace adventure. It reminded me of the many lucid dreams I’ve had. The effect of this ten-minute vacation was it left me with a sense of deep healing. The images were quite inspiring.

Keep up the excellent work guys (Christopher and Michael). This new technological breakthrough in relaxation and meditation as a “delivery system” promises to open up accessing deep mind states to many more people. It is the perfect meditation for “couch potatoes”.